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Cloth Diaper # 5- Lil helper

Lil helper all in two Organic Bamboo about 23$ Charcoal Bamboo about 25$ Original Cotton about 20$ Nice colours- some patterns- (may not be available now?) Snap in inserts stay put Easy to load and un-load inserts Inserts were not generic microfiber- cotton, organic bamboo and charcoal bamboo Small inserts …


Cloth Diaper #4- Omaiki

Omaiki all in one? about 25$ (mine is slightly stained… :S We need some sun!) Easy to use laundry tabs Easy to load inserts snapped in plus had one attached Soft interior Washed well Minimal leaks White interior- yet again… Not very bulky Took on odors easily… egh His little …


Cloth diaper review- #1- velcro vs. snaps

To start… my biggest debate… Velcro vs. snaps Velcro- great for carpal tunnel- pregnancy left me plagued with carpal tunnel in all my fingers. Snaps some days are my worst nightmare. And other days are just plain tricky. Velcro fold over laundry tabs did not stay in the laundry 100% …


An intro to my cloth diaper exploration

In my true cheapness I bought most of my Huggies and Pampers for very cheap using coupons and waiting for super awesome sales… In general, my rule was to not spend more than 10 cents a diaper. I accomplished buying enough diapers for baby number one and then realized there …