I …am Hoover
I …am a self-proclaimed DIY-er. I have been creating things for years now from scrapbooking and cards to baking and cookies to sewing and hot glue gunning.
I …am the youngest one of six children from a step family I like to refer to as the Brady bunch. 3 boys, 3 girls, many pets, and a mom and a dad.
I …do not plan on having that large of a family but we will see where life takes us!
I …am married to a wonderful man “Chubbs” who embraces my creativity and tolerates pins and needles everywhere.
I …am halfway through a pregnancy which has led me into a DIY flurry and one of the reasons we started this blog.
I …am an Early Childhood Educator… which really means I raise other people’s kids daily, and get to be called “Miss Laura” (or something close to it).
I … have yet to figure out where my creativity gene has come from but I hope to pass it on to others.

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