I grew up with parents who have now created a room in the basement known as the Hoarding room. Although their hording is more neat and tidy… Does that make it better? I do not know…

We also have had to clean a family members house who was an extreme hoarder- many times. Hoarding is something I was exposed to through TLC and we watched it consume and take over the home of a loved one. I have vowed to not let that become us. We both have been predisposed to hoarding and I have been told it is Hereditary.

So this is our new journey in 2013 to break the cycle.

Hoarding is a dirty habit! So for 2013 we will reverse the cycle and purge, sell, toss and live without the junk. Adding a baby to the house really showed me how much junk we have. I vow to clean every closet, cabinet, room, nook and cranny and organize my life.

Wish me luck!

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