Nursery Renovations

So being my true crazy self… Last weekend I put together our babies nursery and had everything all set up.. I sat in my rocking chair and took it all in… and sure enough I came up with something else that needed to be done…

Something we should have done a long time ago…. The carpet. The super ugly dark green carpet had to go! I wanted to put carpet in but knew that it would just be ruined by puke and poop and everything a child produces… Hardwood was my next choice to match the rest of the house… but I didn’t want it getting scratched and wrecked… So after some searching we decided it would be best to buy a laminate floor.

I found the perfect flooring here:

Although it was a bit more then I wanted to spend it was on sale so it was not a horrible deal. We ordered it and were told it should be in by the end of August. It came the next week just i time for the long weekend.

Oh what a way to spend a long weekend… 36 weeks pregnant on my hands and knees with massive Kankles and a very sore body I installed a floor with my husband and super helpful cats…. what a great idea! We made it till Sunday before we began arguing, which is not too bad for us.


Then Ta-da! Sunday night we had finished the floor and put the room together… It looks perfect! (and I even cleaned out the closet!)

Now we just have to clean all of the dust that is all over the house and birth a baby!…. uh… I’d rather install another floor.


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