Organizing the Kitchen

With a baby on the way I have begun reorganizing our lives to fit this new bundle of joy with more accessories than I even have…

I decided to start in the kitchen with some inspiration from pinterest I tackled the much hated tupperware cabinet. (Which i have likely organized and reorganized 5 times since January.) My husband seems to think it is a dumping ground so I have kicked him out. I hung all of my measuring spoons and scoops. Then added some much needed baskets to separate everything.

Tupperware Cabinet

Then I tackled the utensil drawer adding in our baby spoons and the cup cabinet making room for bottles, and finally the plate and bowl cabinet adding in some plastic bowls and plates.

Utensil Drawer

Plates and Bowls

Next step… organizing the towel closet…. I think this might be what they refer to as Nesting….

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