Dining Room Renos


So our house has been something we have worked on for a very long time. It is covered in lists of things to do and has involved many shopping trips to Rona and Homo-depot. With our DIY attitude we have done much of it on our own, but have had a few handy people come in to help!

(the first picture was from before we bought the house) Please be sure to notice the hideous wall paper with matching curtains in the living room, our awesome retro lime green chairs and the fact that there is a large amount of hair on the chair cushions…. and our beautiful hardwood floor!

The dining room was a long annoying battle. As seen in the before picture someone had chose a very ugly wallpaper that we lived with for about 3 years. I like usual got tired of waiting and ripped it down myself. And ripped some of the drywall down with it… OOOpps! We decided on a nice white chair rail and ½ wall wainscoting. With the bold burgundy purple colour the white really pops.  After getting a new table from Kijiji, a nice hutch and a handmade wine rack chopping block (Thanks Arthur!) and some picture frames the dining room is complete!

Apple painting we found at goodwill

Dining room table

Wall of photos

Wine rack/ butcher block and fish tank

Dining room is complete with a cat for dinner…

Stegosaurus- who seems to feel he need to be the center of attention… with her tongue out o the table



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