Summer Busy Bag Exchange 2014

My first busy bag exchange! I had no idea what to expect or what I would end up with but I joined in on it on a whim for something new… I am very please with the new fun activities we have received and so are my guys!
Here is my stash received:
1. Ice cream cone counting
DSC_0020 (3)
DSC_0022 (3)
2. Felt pizza
DSC_0027 (3)
DSC_0029 (3)

3. Gem counting
DSC_0030 (3) DSC_0032 (3)
4. Gone Fishing
DSC_0035 (3) DSC_0037 (3)
5. Playdoh face mat
DSC_0039 (3) DSC_0040 (3)
6. Hanging up the laundry
DSC_0043 (3) DSC_0045 (3)
7. Clothes peg colour and shade matching

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