Valentine’s Day Activities!

I hate Valentine’s Day… It’s a commercial holiday meant for spending money to express love… Not my cup of tea.
I will however share with my guys the idea of valentines day and theme of love! Over the past few weeks we have had out many different activities to work on colours, counting, matching, sharing and many more skills. Here are just a few!:

1. Colour Sort- We went on a colour hunt around the playroom and collected items that were pink, red and purple. They were placed in a bin with some pink, purple and red foam hearts for sorting.
DSC_0001 DSC_0003
The funny part is that less than a week later my guys had put half of the pink, red and purple toys away and this was all that was left :

2. Counting Activity
Using foam hearts I got in the craft section at Dollarama and a permanent marker I created some counting hearts. We added in a variety of materials to use as counters all from the dollar store- pink cotton balls, red gems, red hearts
10965670_10155250681705235_1669389516_n 10994666_10155250681895235_1738248730_n

3. Touch, scoop, sort, dump
A simple sensory exploration mixed with some fine motor mastering and tada! Ice cube tray, cotton balls, gems, jewels, and spoons (we had tongs but the kids broke them in seconds…) 10967802_10155250680780235_1204986294_n

4. Another colour sorting activity using tongs, coloured buttons and toilet paper rolls wrapped in construction paper.
10979402_10155250681325235_2088526049_n 10984957_10155250681430235_1902222177_n

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