Cloth Diapering in Childcare Part 4- Tips!

Cloth Diapers in Childcare

Recommendations from a cloth diapering family and childcare worker!
I currently (and very happily I might add) work in Home Childcare. I have experienced cloth diapers in both Childcare Centers and Home Childcare and have come up with a few recommendations.
1. You are looking at needing about 2 days’ worth -So depending on the child’s age and how often they regularly need to be changed I’d say about 8-10 diapers. That gives enough for 2 days and then some in case the parent forgets. It allows having a bit of a stash in the diaper changing areas as well as the take along bag.
2. You would also be looking at needing 2 wet bags and need to bring a clean one in daily.
3. They need to be sent in prepped! Stuff them, snap the inserts in, apply the liners- prep them so all they have to do is apply them.
Left= Wrong. Right =Right!

4. Make it a habit to bring in clean cloth diapers and a clean wet bag every morning and grab the dirty ones at the end of the day.
That being said with 10 Childcare diapers you are going to have to wash nightly and bring in clean ones daily. Or you can work on a stash of about 15 or so to allow for more wiggle room in washing and drying times.
5. Personally I do ask for a few disposables of the brand of your choice for rashes requiring creams, days with antibiotics, bad diarrhea, yeast issues, and even sometimes for when the cloth stash is not stocked even after I have nagged. You can always bring a few in and leave them in the child’s cubby for these kinds of situations!
6. Know your stash!
It is likely there could be other children using cloth diapers so you want to make sure you know what is yours or not. (I would not suggest labeling them if you intend to sell them when you are done- as well I’m not sure if that could fall under defacing them and void warranties!)  You can even make a daycare only stash. Pick 8-15 diapers (ones that are great but maybe not your favourite pattern or ones you pick for all of the time but refuse to get rid of because you do still love them) that are for daycare ONLY. Then KNOW which prints they were so if and when they go missing you know what is gone and what to look for. With a parade of supply staff in centers, the swarm of children asking questions and interrupting the staff, they do not always go home with the right child and sometimes end up in the trash or in random places by accident.
7. If you love your super cute retired jean diaper from LilHelper and do not want it wrecked by your baby scooting across the pavement, covered in food colouring and playdoh, getting grass stains all over it, or lost somewhere among the sea of 100 cubbies- Then do not send it! Save it for at home or for a shadow box to just look at. No need letting your child actually use that beauty!
I have yet to find an appropriate shadow box for mine… Someday my pretty!

8. Remember to actually clean your diapers nightly… Do not leave the wet bag in your car on a hot summer afternoon- It does not make it a pretty smell or sight.
9. Follow the rules of your Childcare of choice. If they ask for 20 diapers for the week work with them. If they have no space to store more than 10 work with them. If they require liners or no liners- work with them.
10. One last note: read your contract carefully. If you continuously fail to stuff them, provide the wet bag, fail to bring them home and clean them daily, or fail to bring enough stock daily they do have the right to tell you that they will no longer provide you services. (It’s the same if you fail to bring disposables or bottles in on a regular basis they can say you are not providing the required items and cancel your contract.)In some cases if you fail to provide the necessities for care (ie. Diapers) your care can be terminated. Know your rights. But in the end just do not be one of those overly forgetful parents!

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