Cloth Diapering in Childcare Part 3- Parent and Educator Responsibilities

Cloth Diapering in Childcare Part 3
Background: I’m not a childcare expert nor am I an expert on children- BUT I have plenty of experience working in centers and homecare!

What is involved in cloth diapering in childcare?

YOUR job description as the caregiver cloth diapering in childcare centers:
(That is your official title. Possibly worth changing your name to it when your child finally learns to say “mom… MOOOOOMMMMMM” 20 times in a row to get your attention or to annoy you… Keep it in mind with “Mommy-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” They are both great names!)
Back to your job:
-Educate your childcare workers:  What to do. What not to do. How to use them properly. How to install, apply or affix the diaper to your child- Every diaper is different!
(Just remember how you started out not knowing much- but with the spark of interest in them caused hundreds of dollars of cloth diaper love and laundry. They likely are not 100% familiar with your brand of choice or diapering styles. So educate!)
-Bring clean diapers in daily/regularly. The inserts should be stuffed, snapped or in place and if you use liners they too should be on there and ready to go. Your job is to bring them ready to put on so the childcare center has no more extra work when changing.
The pile on the left is not an acceptable way to bring your diapers. The pile on the right is! Stuffed/snapped, lined and ready to go!

-Take the wet bag/ pail/pail liner home daily (I stand firm on the daily part of this. Legislation varies but most centers have health standards and leaving used diapers (either cloth or disposable) in a classroom or bathroom is a big no-no. Garbage needs to be removed daily and sometimes 2-3 times per day. Although I have heard of places that send the pail home at the end of the week I think that is way too long and I would never want to have to smell a week’s worth… gag!
-Clean your diapers properly, sun them regularly, strip them when needed, treat them with love and care and admire them too!
-Work with the childcare workers, talk to the client, discuss issues, discuss suggestions, discuss how it is going and ask questions!

CHILDCARE WORKERS job description for cloth diapering a client:
-Know your center policies/homecare policies. What is required of you? Are you to flush the waste or just bag it up? Are you supposed to do a toilet swish, scrape, scrub.. etc. Between your diapering policies and procedures and your health and safety standards you should be able to figure it out.
-Ask questions and learn about how to properly use the cloth diapers
-Change the child as you normally would but apply cloth diaper instead of disposable
-DO NOT throw out the diaper. Break the habit of tossing a used diaper into the garbage in the boring and yucky mundane task of diaper duty. (Get it… Diaper Duty…)
download (1)
–depending on your policies, procedures and health and safety plans it can include flushing liners or solid matter, disposing of used wipes and folding the diaper up to place into the wetbag or just toss the used diaper into the wetbag/pail (Know your policies and procedures!)
-Admire the awesome prints and super cute fluff bottom (okay not in the job description but always welcomed!)
-Remind parents of a low stash –technically not your job but it can be very helpful but it does borderline nagging.
-Work with the client, talk to the client, discuss issues, discuss suggestions, discuss how it is going and ask questions!

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