Cloth Diapering in Childcare Part 1- Home Childcare

Cloth Diapering in Childcare Part 1
Background: I’m not a childcare expert nor am I an expert on children- BUT I have plenty of experience working in centers and homecare!

Should YOU use cloth diapers in Childcare?
That is really up to you.
Questions to ask yourself: Are your organized? Can you keep up with the laundry? Are you going to remember to bring clean diapers and wet bag daily/ regularly? Are you going to remember to bring the wet bag/pail/pail liner home with you nightly? Are you likely to forget the wet bag/ pail in the car on very hot days? (egh) It all boils down to- are you going to do YOUR part?

This could be your life… Laundry piles… all the time.

If you are going to commit to doing your part the next thing to do is to find a daycare center that is going to do their part. This should not prove too difficult but you need to go in with the right info- know your rights and know your info!

Cloth Diapering in: Home Childcares
Before I begin I’d like to define what a “Home Childcare” is: Basically a work at home person who provides childcare services in their home. Some are registered, fully licensed, or licensed through a company, and others are just self-employed. (I feel a future post about Home Childcares coming!)
Blueroom 1

An example of a Home Childcare

Legally CAN you use cloth diapers in a Home Childcare?
There really is no legislation for home cares in Ontario regarding cloth diapering. That being said my research tells me everywhere else varies. If the Homecare is registered, licensed, or licensed through a company they likely have policies and procedures. If they Home Childcare is self-employed the rules and regulations are up to them! Being Self-employed allows you to make the policies yourself and stay in your comfort zone about many things- cloth diapers included.

Choosing a cloth diaper friendly Home Childcare
So how do you find out if the Home Childcare down the street will allow cloth diapers? You ask… (Try not asking while they are at the park with 5 kids running around. Get a phone number or e-mail address for a better time to communicate!)
Some good questions to consider:
-Does you allow cloth diapers?
-Have you had experience with them in the past? Are you confident with them?
-What is your protocol for cloth diapers and do you have it in writing?- How many do you require? Do you rinse them, scrape them or just package them up? Do you prefer wet bags or pails?
-Do you currently have children in your care using cloth diapers?
-Would you like me to show and explain how the brand we use works?
If you got a big fat sassy “NO”

-it’s okay to sit there and cry and take a tantrum until you get your way. But if it does not work for your child I doubt it will be acceptable coming from you…

How you may feel

-Offer to provide education and training about cloth diapering.
-Show them your local legislation allowing it or not disallowing it.
-Talk to them about the process and what they would be expected to do
-Talk about why you are so passionate about cloth- ie. Saving the environment, better for your baby, saving you money, being cool and having a trendy rear, admitting your addiction to cute prints and the thousands of dollars you have put into the perfect collection for your precious child etc.
-Discuss a trial run and the possibility that they would be willing to try them out.

Check around until you get the answers you want with the person and environment that is the perfect fit!

Good fit, Happy parents, Happy Caregiver, Happy Baby wearing his or her Happy Cloth diapers deserves a dance break!

Dance it out now & celebrate!


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