An attempt to live in a dream!

We’ve been MIA lately…
Long story short…
I’m that crazy lady that has drove down a street with fancy houses, nice cars and beautiful perky lawns over and over and over again… It’s not my street. But I want it to be mine. It’s a goal. More like a dream.

So in the past few weeks we were driving on my dream street past a dream house to find a for sale sign. The online listing just implanted that dream more into my mind -I had hope. After days of humming and hawing we decided it would not hurt to go and see it.

Bad idea- I fell in love with every last detail. I could picture myself living there- only with their nicer furniture and with grass… Reality will be -we kill grass. (Things that are living that do not make annoying noises to be fed or watered do not tend to continue living in our house.)

We had made plans to buy a new house in a few years. Not now. but the idea of living this dream got in both of our heads. It was a dream worth taking a chance on!

A visit to the bank told us that it is possible. My hopes grew. We decided to put in a conditional offer based on the sale of our home- which was not accepted because at that point they did not want conditions. So we listed our house in hopes of a quick sale to offer a new no conditions offer…

Later that week they changed their mind and our conditional offer was put in with another couples. We lost- the reasoning- the homeowners felt the other couple would sell their home first. :( A big slap in the face.
I still had a little hope. If we could sell our house ASAP we could put in another offer… and so our house has been transformed from a toy crazed mess to a neat and tidy photo less museum. Do not touch anything- do not make a mess, be clean!!! It’s harder than you’d think. We have a storage unit filed with stuff and a somewhat empty house with the necessities.
Well we got an offer on our first viewing. A low ball offer. We got them up to a decent price but we still know it deserves much more … but the other house was the goal- not making tons of money.

Sadly it was all a little too late. The other couple had a sale pending. We still put in another offer with a bit more of an incentive in hopes it may sway the homeowners- but it did us no good. Our dream home was sold.

My dreams are crushed. My hope is diminished. Back to square one. Buy a new house and sell ours or stay where we were in the house we love?

Lessons learned- it’s okay to dream- but be open to altering your dreams. Take chances- sometimes you will get the outcome you desire, sometimes not. Never give up hope. and remember at the end of a day- you can still dream bigger!

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