Busy Bag #6- Pom Poms

I recently joined a busy bag exchange with some home daycare providers. It inspired me to go nuts and make a bunch for my little guys!

Here is Bag # 6 PomPoms
pompom pompom2

Pompoms of different colours and sizes
Print outs: HERE
(NOTE: PomPoms are very small and can be a choking hazard- not generally for children under 3. With my little guys I sat with them to do the activity to ensure nothing went in or near the mouth. ALWAYS PROVIDE FULL SUPERVISION.)
Mine is double sided and laminated. I also have a few other sheets from that website that I have yet to laminate but look forward to!

Why I LOVE pompoms? they are cheap, easy to clean up, versatile (crafts, learning, throwing, dropping), but most of all- they are quiet!

Learning aspects: (Everyone will have a different experience with every activity- everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way.)
Matching colours, counting, fine motor, rainbow arrangement (ROYGBV)

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