Busy Bag #2- Gone Fishing!

I recently joined a busy bag exchange with some home daycare providers. It inspired me to go nuts and make a bunch for my little guys!

Here is Bag # 2- Gone Fishing!

A bag- You can use a baggy, or a bucket, or even put them in a binder.

-Fish with something metal in them- Mine are made from felt. I cut out 2 fish and glued them together with a penny inside them. (Other ideas: paper clips, metal washers…) I used super glue on some, school glue on some and tried hot glue on others. (I’m not sure which one will hold up the best.)
-Fishing rod with magnet- mine are just Popsicle sticks. I used my handy Crop-a-dile to cut a hole. (They are awesome and cut through everything! Check them out here), Tied on a string (each of my strings are different lengths- on purpose. It adds to the difficulty levels. The shorter one is easier to control while the longer one takes a steady hand.) I attached my magnets to flat front buttons and double knotted them on!
-Fishing bowl- I’ve use a variety of containers. Bowls, trays, a jar… the options are endless!

I started out with plain coloured fish (2 of each colour) but have added numbers (1-18) on one side and shapes on the other that have matches. I figured it would add to the experience for my older one.

Possible Learning aspects: (Everyone will have a different experience with every activity- everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way.)
Colours, matching, shapes, fine motor, gross motor, numbers, counting, team work…

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