How I clothe my child for cheap!

My kid is always well dressed but I never spend much on his outfits. (The most I have ever spent was 25$ on a winter coat set… it was regular 99.00- So I figured I would splurge!)

Ways to save money on clothes:
1. Hand me downs! (Generally free)
2. – I’ve come across many lots of clothes for cheap!
3. facebook- join a local mommy buy sell trade group! Search your cities name and buy, sell, trade, mom-to-mom… etc (some are great while others are poorly ran and managed. Our city also has a bunch of free groups or trade groups.
4. Thrift stores. Value Village, Salvation Army, Goodwill and Talize are our local ones! They generally have 50% off days but they are crazy busy!
5. Consignment shops! I have yet to find one that I love locally but I have found one online that I LOVE!
The company is run by a work at home mom (I always love support WAHM!) She has pick up locations in several cities including mine and offers shipping as well. All in all the process is quick and awesome and feeds my online shopping needs. I have also started to consign with her- SUPER Exciting!
6. Clearance deals- They are heard to come by but at the end of every season there is always some great deals.- the downside you have to guess what size your child will be in that season of the next year. Add a coupon or savings pass and the deal is even better!
7. Yard sales! I find them to be VERY hit or miss. finding the right size, style and price is hard to come by. But the deals are out there!

The upside is that we never spend much on clothes (or toys) so when they get wrecked by my boy crawling in the dirty it’s not the end of the world.
The downside- I have storage issues. I buy stuff I love when I find it and I have bought many items several sizes larger that will have to be stored for years…

Lack of storage space is the price I pay for a frugal outfit on my cute little guy!

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