DIY Light table- up-cycled!

I had dreamed of one for a long time… the price tag of them scared me… Locally ranging from 650$-about 100$ for a small light box.

Insert my love for pinterest. = an idea. Using an Ikea table we bought second hand I decided to convince my husband yet again to build me one. Weeks of nagging later and it was done! Whoopee!

The plan:
1. Get rich and buy a pretty expensive one.

2. Be realistic and cheap and make one.

It was a lot of try and re-do as we found no perfect set of instructions. But here goes with pictures!
The table: IMG-20140702-WA0018
We removed the slats carefully because we needed to re-use them. Helper 2 helper
Our little construction helper. He’s very dainty with the screw driver!IMG-20140702-WA0019
That left us with a nice big opening! Pieces were added under for the Plexiglas to sit on
Plexiglas was cut to fit
Boards were stained
Trim was added on top of the Plexiglas to cover the gaps.
A bottom piece was cut to fit and tinfoil was applied with spray on glue. (It helps to reflect the light to get a brighter table)
Adding the light-We bought it from Ebay- it’s marketed as a car light. It has a flat sticky side and is trim-able to the size needed. We bought 2- one white and one coloured. (the coloured produced many colours, has a fade, blink, and more and came with a remote!) We put the white one on the bottom and the coloured around the edges. My husband did something fancy to connect the power source of them so they only require one plug.
At this point we realized the light was too close to the Plexiglas and we had to lower the bottom to make the light spread. Side panels were added below and the bottom was then attached.
It was cleaned up and ready to go.
For our first light table exploration we used coloured reusable ice cube form the dollar store. (I love these things!)

Total Cost for us:
About 50$!

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