Reduce Re-use, Recycle! Our up-cycled Kitchen set!

I had purchased this children kitchen set off Kijiji because I saw the potential! My husband thought I was crazy and hoarding more toys… haha… I would never…
It lacked character. So after weeks of going over Pinterest I made a plan and told my husband what to do… and like a good man he did it.

Here is the before shot:

What we did:
-drilled holes for a sink(dollar store bowl) and tap (recycled our old one from our bathroom reno)
-sanded the door and top and filled in the holes
-painted the doors and top (we used left over paint from our bathroom reno)
-Repainted the stove burners and the knobs (used spray paint we found in the garage… we have no idea what we bought it for)
-added plexiglass to the stove (from a broken piece we found awhile ago)
-applied grout-able laminate floor tiles to the counter top (we use extra tiles from the bathroom reno)
-applied tiles to the backsplash and to separate the stove and counter (we used leftover pieces from the bathroom reno)
-Grouted (left over from the bathroom)
-Put the tap, sink, stove knobs and burners on. Added new knobs (from Ikea), added the hook on baskets (from ikea)
-Cleaned it up
IMG-20140701-WA0001 IMG-20140702-WA0000
Put it in the house and added in the dishes, a sponge and cloth, some hideous oven mitts I intend to remake and…. TADA!
DSC_0035 DSC_0019
-added super excited short child

Total Cost:
Stove- 15$ off Kijiji
Ikea items- 1.99/6 Knobs, 1.99/6 Handles, 0.99x 2 for orange container, 0.99 for hooks
Sink- 1.25 bowl
Tile & Grout- Reused
Countertop- reused
Plexiglass- found for free
Spray paint- reused
Glue/Caulk- reused

Total cost: Under 25$ SCORE!!!!
Before & After!
IMG-20140702-WA0009 DSC_0035

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