Happy Father’s Day 2014 #1

This year was tricky when it came to Father’s Day. Everything idea pinterest and I came up with ended up being “not perfect!” It took me awhile to find some great ideas for my dad, my husband, my father in law and my daycare kids dads! (That is a lot of gifts and thinking)

Gift # 1:
My Dad, My Father-in Law, (and one for me because I liked it so much!)
I opted for the word LOVE instead of dad or grandpa just because then it can be displayed longer than just father’s day!
The downside was that I could not find a 4 picture frame for a decent price… GAH so I added in a heart at the end.
My little guy was not very cooperative! After bribing him with chocolate and accepting that it was not going to be perfect… The end product:

Gift #2:
My Husband from my little guy
This one was tricky… but the week before father’s day I got an idea! He needed new pens soooo I bought a few from staples and added on some personalized messages with a label maker. I also ordered some awesome cheap but superb pens from vistaprint.ca. with a coupon code I spent less than 2$ a piece. (shhh he does not need to know!) The awesome thing is you can add in pictures and text- they would be great with art work on them!
We also got him some customized sticky notes- mainly because I LOVE sticky notes!
The end product:
DSC_0109 (2) DSC_0110 (2)

Gift #3:
Daycare family #1
This little guy is 1.5 years old and not quite capable of making anything, nor can he communicate what he wanted to make so I decided to go with something I knew his dad could appreciate! Superheros. He decorated a card too!
The end product:
Gift #4:
Daycare family #2
These guys are super chatty! So it was very easy to come up with an idea with them. They wanted to draw daddy a picture of daddy and them. I scanned their pictures and changed the colours a bit and printed them out in the right size. Glued them on some coaster tiles, layered on the modge podge, let them dry over a few days then added some felt feet. Perfect little coasters for dad! When I showed the boys what I had done with their pictures we ended up chatting some more and they felt that daddy needed a few other things too:
Long story short- I asked the boys what they thought daddy wanted for father’s day after ruling out many things we came down to this:

-Jacob: well…. He likes candy. Lots of candy.
I asked him what candies daddy likes: Only the kinds that I like. Like the one with the red wrapper in my lunches. I like those ones.
I asked him if Daddy likes them too: Well… yeah. He likes the ones that I like.

-Justin: Daddy likes juice and pop. He drinks lots of juice and pop. He likes chocolate and cookies. I like chocolate and cookies too.

Done deal! We opted for a KitKat bar and a Pepsi with a cool red cup that had a chalkboard on it.
The end product:

Side note: I’m grateful they did not feel daddy needed a new table or new car to go with his coasters… because I’m not sure we’d be able to buy him that on my budget! ;)

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