10 Ways having a child has changed my life

When we first announced we were having a baby I was told many time that “A Baby will change your life forever.” To me I shrugged it off and thought- It’s just like having another husband- but smaller. A few more accessories but kind of like a big cat or dog. A mini me side kick to spend my time with… You know.. Nothing I couldn’t handle!

Almost two and a half years later and I was wrong. A baby will change your life forever!
How my little itsy bitsy tiny baby has change my life forever:

1. Going to the bathroom
Past: I’m a modest person. I hate public bathrooms- the idea of hearing people use the bathroom and others hearing me, someone possibly peeking in at you or busting your stall door open just creeps me right out.
Fast Forward: Using the bathroom has drastically changed. I have a regular audience who enjoys making comments and asking questions… no more modesty…

2. My television habits
Past: I enjoyed an array of television shows that were not PG, G, or F rated… I enjoyed lounging on the couch on Sunday for a classic marathon of TLC or crime shows…
Fast Forward: I can no longer stomach CSI, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds or even Greys Anatomy. Why because it makes me think- what if that was my child? What if that was me? How can I make sure this never happens to us? As for my love of Sunday’s on the couch- I would still enjoy it but we are trying to limit the amount of Tv our son is exposed to as well as the content…

3. My clothes
Past: I enjoyed dressing somewhat nice. My clothes were stain free and generally they matched.
Fast Forward: My clothes for the first year were based on the theory of easy access. If it took too much effort to breast feed in it it was thrown onto the bottom of the closet. Most recently my clothes have been low priority- getting dressed with a 2.5 year old watching and pleading to go downstairs for breakfast, knowing that boogers, food and who knows what else will be wiped on me will cover my outfit by bed time. I gave up. Comfy clothes that are easy to wash!

4. My shopping
Past: I used to enjoy exploring the adult clothing section and finding awesome deals for great clothes for myself or husband that we could wear for years on end. I enjoyed strolling around the mall window shopping and checking out the deals
Fast Forward: I now spend my shopping days looking for good deals my child can wear for 3 months at a time knowing they will be stained, wrecked or grown out of in not too long… My joy for window shopping is now a quick glace and a ‘get the heck out before a meltdown occurs’

5. My days out in public
Past: I was a polite individual- I held the door for others, I watched where I was walking, I helped people put back their carts, offered others my quarter, let other drivers in… you know a genuine Canadian.
Fast Forward: I’m oblivious to half the people around me. I’m generally trying to think as my two and a half year old is telling me a long winded recap of something that happened the last time we were out. I do not notice when I’m in the way or when someone else is behind me. I’m too busy watching him or trying to think of why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing? (I promise I do not mean to be rude- I’m just not all there!)

6. My House
Past: we lived in a somewhat clean house with minimal belongings. We did a big clean maybe once a week and ran the dishwasher every few days.
Fast Forward: my house is a giant toy box. I step on dinky cars everywhere. My kitchen floor now has to be swept and or mopped 2-4 times a day. We run the dishwasher nightly. My bathtub is covered in ducks and boats and I cannot have a shower without one of them quacking at me. My hall closet is now filled with small shoes and mittens with only one left (I swear I will find the match- same to the pile of socks that have had their match disappear). My basement is filled with totes of clothes my little guy has outgrew but I cannot seem to let go of. My couch is rarely ever sat on yet somehow covered in small finger prints (same to the tv collecting dust covered in strange smudges). My windows that are under 3 feet high that I had likely never cleaned I now have to tackle regularly to combat the lip, tongue, finger and toe marks mixed in with snot and food. My master bedroom- I finds cars, toy dinos or lego in my bed regularly. My bedside table once filled with lotions and magazines and books is now filled with children’s books and random toys and stuff I empty out of my pockets nightly.

7. My Car
Past: It was generally clean- Not like we used the back seat for much!
Fast Forward: My car is a dump. I have books and toys everywhere. There are half eaten snacks and crumbs in the nooks and crannys. There are wrappers from snacks, cups of water and who knows what is growing under my seats. Just like my house my car is now filled with clutter and covered in weird stains- like the ones from my kids snowy boots…

8. My sleep habits
Past: I’d stay up until 11 and wake up for work at about 7:30.
Fast Forward: I make it till 9:30 most nights and I am exhausted. The charming 2.5 year old enjoys getting up as early as possible- 6:45 lately. Which is fine and dandy Monday through Friday but not so awesome on weekends. Grocery stores do not open until 8-9. Same with the mall and yet we can be up and ready to go by 7:30.

9. Meal Time
Past: We would eat dinner at about 6pm in the dining room or in front of the tv to relax.
Fast Forward: We sit at a child sized table in the kitchen hoping to get our child to actually eat something. My food is generally cold after I have to get up 3 times to get more of something or something different to please him. I end up cleaning up spills and wiping sticky hands with one hand and attempting to find my mouth with my fork in the other hand. There is little relaxing.

10. Free time
Past: I loved crafting, pinterest and creating things. I’d take on projects regularly around the house tackling paint, bathroom remodels or anything that sounded exciting.
Fast Forward: I can’t find the peddle to my sewing machine and lack the effort to even begin to think of where it could be. My stamping up collection is down to very few sets that I feel I could enjoy using with him. I search pinterest for food to see if I can find something he might eat. I stopped having time to make my own Christmas card or even send them out on time. We have managed to do touch up painting around the house but beyond that we just do not have the time nor the effort. We watch less tv, do less relaxing, visit more parks and dollar stores, enjoy slow walks around the neighbourhood to see trucks and buses, we enjoy watching the airplanes in the sky or the clouds moving…

Life is different. Life is better. He is our life now.