Shopping with a baby- Westmount Mall



Westmount mall offers a free children’s craft monthly throughout the school year and weekly throughout the summer. The movie theater located in the mall (well.. outside it in the back) offers a stars & strollers program. Check out Cineplex Odeon for more on that. They also offer different activities and shows throughout the year (ie. an Easter egg hunt, visit with the reptile man, visit with Santa, car seat clinic, etc)

Food/ Eating-

Although the food court in the last few years has disappeared before my eyes, I’m told by a Westmount mall Employee that there are two eating areas both which offer highchairs. Although they do not offer a microwave the Tim Hortons will provide a cup of hot water to warm up bottles.

The selection of food in the mall is very limited. I did not find anything cheap, somewhat healthy and easy for my little guy to eat!


Nursing/ Changing-

Not that long ago I was shopping in the mall and asked 2 store associates if they knew if there was a nursing room. Both had no idea and told me where the bathrooms were instead. I ended up feeding and changing my baby in the Sears washroom only because it had a chair and it was somewhat private. I do not agree with feeding children in Bathrooms but I was desperate for somewhere quiet! I am told by a Westmount employee that they do offer a nursing room and family bathrooms… but I have yet to locate them!


They have a decent amount of family and expectant mother parking spots around the exterior of the mall. They also offer two levels of underground parking which is somewhat heated in the winter and somewhat cool in the summer! Much nice to get into a somewhat warm car and not have to clean the snow off! It also is great in the summer months so the car is not super hot!

Shopping/ the stores-

The mall is generally not very busy. The layout is a bit difficult because in order to get to the movie theater or the grocery store you have to actually go outside and around. They also have more stores out in front of the mall that require going outside of the mall to get to. They have 2 elevators but really there is not any shopping stores upstairs anyways!

I’m told they offer strollers for use but I have not tried them out.

Stores are a little spare- Children’s apparel only include Bonnie Toggs, Target and Sears.


All in all I have found it to be a great mall for walking around with the stroller. (Or with a baby who insists on getting out of the stroller and pushing it at a snail pace…) Not a lot of people at most times during the day (Just do not go when the local high school is on lunch. It tends to be a bit of a zoo then!) Although the shopping may not be so great, they are trying to appeal to families with their kids club crafts and activities.

The dollar store has recently opened with many items now ranging above 1$- but they do have an awesome party supply section! The Target is also a plus- Although I do have to say that the states is still much better!

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