Shopping with a baby- Walmart



Our city (London, On) has 4 Walmart  locations that I have visited for various things in the past year (White Oaks, Argyle, Highbury/Huron, and HydePark) . My thoughts on shopping at Walmart with a baby:




Beside the lights, colours sounds, and balloons through out the store they do not offer additional things for entertainment purposes in Walmart. They do offer free smile stickers to children!


Food/ Eating-


Most of our Walmart locations have a McDonalds located in them with highchairs available and a children’s menu. Not necessarily the healthiest but quick. I honestly have not had McDonalds in years! So I contacted a fellow mommy who is a manager at a local McDonalds and found out that they offer hot water for bottle and baby food warming and bibs. They also offer free treat of the weeks and free mini comes for kids.


Nursing/ Changing-


I have yet to find a nursing room located in our local Walmart. The bathrooms are small and hard to maneuver a stroller in. They do offer a fold down change table. The cleanliness of the bathrooms is at times below my standards… but generally most public bathrooms are! :P




Walmart offers Wheelchair parking and at certain locations I have seen a few family/ expectant mother parking spots.


Shopping/ the store-


We found the aisles had plenty of space for maneuvering our shopping cart or stroller. The children’s section and toy area are always a hit and the prices on many things can’t be beat! It was a little difficult at most of our locations to get a change room that would fit the stroller and me. It was more a challenge to open and close the door once we were in.



Overall… Walmart is a family store which provides almost everything a family could need- but our local stores do not have the extra services available to suit a family while they shop!

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