Having fun isn’t hard at London Public Library!

I just thought I would put the word out to all of the new moms and caregivers with babies under about a year… There is an AWESOME free program that the library offers to caregivers and babies. It is called Books for Babies. I have attended many sessions at two different locations in my area and my little guy is always thrilled to go.

Generally you start off with an introduction and then there are some finger plays, songs and some books. (You can sing along or just follow along. However you are comfortable!) Bubbles and toys tend to wrap things up giving caregivers time to chat while their babies play, or give caregivers time to play too! We have stayed 30 minutes to an hour depending on the conversations and play going, as well as how grumpy we are!

The Librarians that I have met have been great with babies, and very tolerant of my little guy who seems to swarm them. I have met a variety of moms and had a great time interacting with my baby.

We started going when he was about 4 months and I wish we had started sooner! The benefits of music and early literacy are extreme! (Don’t believe me? GOOGLE it!)

Not only was this a great program for my little guy it also got me out of the house… with out spending money!

I’m sad to say my mat leave ends soon and we will no longer be able to attend! I hope everyone takes advantage of this great program in their local library! Check their website for times in your area!


I FORGOT TO MENTION: The library in general is a cool place to hang out. Literally. Air conditioning is on! Bring your family, grab a book or two or three and enjoy literacy! :)

Oh and… As one of my favourite children’s television shows sings… Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!

(Isn’t my little guy gosh darn cute!)

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