Happy Fathers Day Gift #2

Being on a tight budget during holidays has been tough! We can’t just go out and buy an expensive tie or a hefty gift card!

So we had to make something for our dads and thought we would get Presleigh to help.

We added our words with the foam letters and duct tape. We tried using dollar store foam letters as many pinterest members before us have… but the paint bled under on the one and the foam letters stuck to the other… Next time I will choose another type!

We had Presleigh paint the first layer by squishing paint lal over the canvas while in a plastic ziplock. Mess free! and the next day we had him finger paint. I mixed A LOT of soap with a little paint and some cornstarch to thicken it up. The entire time my husband cringed at the mess! A nice bath cleaned him all up and the dish soap in the paint made it stain free!

Done and Done!

CIMG4020 CIMG4021

So kind of a success?

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