Mothers Day 2013

I wanted to make a mothers day gift with Presleigh for all of the moms in his life (myself included) and all of the Grandmas and Great Grandmas! I found an idea making a foot butterfly on pinterest and decided to run with it! With the help of Chubbs we created this super easy masterpiece! It includes Presleighs hands as flower stems and feet as a butterfly and our fingers as buds and bees. I sponge painted the blue sky background and cut and pasted the rest on. I found it was difficult to get it perfect in one go.

And Viola! We copied it and sent it by e-mail and printed it for the grandparents. I got to keep the original and placed it in a cheap dollar store frame that will likely hang in our playroom. I think it’s beautiful!


I also created a joint gift for my mother with my sister and her little guy.


We put it in a frame… but I did not end up snapping a picture of the final product! I’ll have to sneak one the next time I am at their house!


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