Birthday Gift For Dad

This year we are on a tight budget when it comes to money as I am on Mat leave and a baby is an expensive family member!

So we are opting for creative, handmade and low priced gifts.

For my Dads birthday I decided to get him candy. (he raids my candy dish every time he is here)

So with the candy bars came a story. We placed each candy bar in a numbered envelope with the story written on each envelope leading up to a candy bar inside.

Here is is:

Happy Birthday Dad/ Grampie!

We hope that you have an indexlent birthday!

Today is your birthday! Take aki

break, because you have a good to ri celebrate! You’re Old!

Now that you are getting old do your bones ever get cr?

While your mind is playing twon you?

Do you move as slow as tu?

Do you struggle to get up or rover?

Do all of your memories feel like a mi?

You sure sked  last year with a great year! May this year be filled with just as much meme .

Remember to lead a healthy life filled with soand working out your too… and don’t eat all of this candy at once!

Love The  m&mFamily!


All in all it cost just under 10$ for the candy -plus a few candy bars we had to inspect ourselves! 1$ for the envelopes and about 15 minutes to put together! But- it will take him days to eat them and years to burn off all of the extras calories!

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