Where is my automobile?


Howard: Dong. Where is my automobile?

Long Duk Dong: Oto-mo-biiile?


Okay… So today was horrible. I had no car. Well I have a car I just can’t get it. It’s in the garage- locked in the garage. Now… where are the keys? I think they are in the car on floor in the backseat. (and if they aren’t there… I have lost them completely!)

I can’t get into the garage to get my keys or my car… which has caused a lot of dilemmas today.

Things I wanted to do but cannot:

-Use the stroller (It’s in the trunk)

-Get the ladder – to take down the Christmas lights… That’s right… It’s May and we have them up still.

-Get the drill to put in the childlocks

-Go to Superstore to get patio chairs

-Go to FoodBasics to get stuff for dinner

-Go to the Dollarstore to get picture frames


Today reminded me of the times the power is out and how many times I go to turn on a light switch or think of something to do involving power.

Moral of the story… today sucked!

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