Baby Bump and Toddler Expo London


So I thought I would share my review from the recent Baby Bump and Toddler Expo in London Ontario this past weekend (May 25 & 26th)


Cost- 7$ (yikes!) it seems a little bit steep to me but there were 2$ off coupons floating around. (I won free tickets! I saw many contests to win tickets from)

Where- Western Fair grounds

When- May 25 & 26


My thoughts:

We were one of the first 200 in the door so we received goody bags which had some freebies and pamphlets in them which was nice. (We were one of the first 50 in line but did not receive some of the special items posted on the facebook page… not sure what happened there!)

We did the general walk around- filled out ballets for chances to win various baskets. We were haggled by many. Shown many products, filled in many forms and walked away with some loot and lots of information. We were even touched by a creepy Power Ranger… (My son was a wee bit confused. I was confused as to why his pants were pulled so high up…)

Now I have learned from previous festivals to watch what it is that I fill in and sign up for. Why you may ask… Because some companies call and call and call. It’s easy enough to delete an annoying e-mail but phone calls and getting off of a calling list sometimes is rather annoying. (Especially when you JUST managed to get the baby to sleep.)

I found like always, that there is still very little to buy in the handmade booths geared towards boys. I did however come home with a beautiful but slightly expensive boys hat that I splurged on.

The stage was shall I say… Loud and rather annoying. The booths near by were hard to hear and understand.

The freebies were few and far between. A candy here, a pack of sippy cups (totally awesome!), a baby memories book, and a few more samples, but nothing extremely superb.

55555 555555

Overall… I must say that the 2012 fall one seemed bigger and better. I wish I had a picture of the things we saw and got last fall, but the general idea is that we got more and saw more last fall. It wasn’t bad for us because we got in free… but I can’t imagine paying 7$ for it!

Maybe the fall one will be better? We shall see!

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