4 Useless or Un-needed Baby Items (for us!)


I’d like to think that by now in my sons life I have officially become somewhat of an expert when it comes to baby items. Which has led me to review many of the items we bought or got as gifts and I decided to make a list of things not to buy… (In my expert opinion)

1. Bouncer Chairs-

n nn

(My little guy at about 6 months doing chin ups in his chair…)
While they do nicely contain your child and likely vibrate and soothe them with music… these suckers are big and bulky and not easy to move around with a baby in it. They are difficult to store when not in use as they do not fold up. They are only good up to a certain weight or until the baby can sit up on their own. Which for us meant we got to use ours for 5 months.-

My suggestion- mm

Opt for a convertible rocker instead. At least it can be used longer!


2. Baby Bath Tub-


This lovely item can set you back 20-60$ on average. Why not to get one? Baby Baths are hard to store, annoying to trip on in the tub as it dries (unless you have the time to towel dry it everytime… Haha! Time!) Very expensive in my mind when I already own something just as good…

My kitchen sink!


or even a dollarstore storage container…


or the tub with me in it! Nothing like having a bath and a cuddle! mnn

3. Baby safety kit.


We got a few as gifts. They seem like an awesome idea. By 9 months we have only ever used the nail clippers. The thermometers in these things are basic and old school which take a lot more time and patience then I have. The syringe thing was super complicated and I was not sure what I would need tweezers for on my baby… getting rid of an unwanted uni brow or nose hair? Or the scissors… Cut the cord? The nail files were no match for a baby that would not stay still. The nasal aspirator couldn’t suck a boogie out at all and became a bigger battle then they were worth. All in all a great idea… just not something we ever used.


4. Tummy Time Mat/ floor mat/ activity gym



We got one of these as a gift and used it about… 5 times. The problem with them is that they are not easily washed. I would rather just stick my kid on a blanket and dangle toys above them while watching tv. :P It was tricky enough getting him under the bars but he found it frustrating that he truly never could get the darn toy… which led to screaming… and getting up.  AND apparently they are ridiculously over priced!

So I managed to find 4 things so far… I’m sure We’ve got plenty more though!

*Please note to anyone who may have gifted us these items… Yes… we likely did register for them… It was our fault… Not yours! and we do appreciate the gifts!


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