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May 2014


Infertility Week: My baby girl.

To wrap up infertility week I’ve included my most recent emotional journey through infertility. I went to the local Baby expo the other day with my little guy. We saw everything and were heading out the door when my little guy heard a baby cry and said “baby? baby momma?” …

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Infertility Week: One of those girls….

Why do I keep experiencing miscarriage and loss? Why do I experience infertility? Maybe I’m one of THOSE girls. Maybe I’m a hardcore smoker, maybe a bit of a drinker, maybe I dazzle in drugs, maybe I fail to keep a healthy diet, maybe I eat junk and grease and …


Infertility Week: Miscarriage. Stop The Stigma.

As part of Canadian Infertility Week I’d like to take on a sticky topic associated with infertility…. I recently read a great article from the “oh baby Magazine”¬†Stop the Stigma: Let’s Talk. And I’m on board. Let’s stop the stigma. I have decided to write out my thoughts, feelings and …


Infertility Week

It’s Canadian Infertility Awareness Week. I’m sad to say there is no special holiday, fancy cake or fireworks for those of us who know it first hand, but I’d like to bring awareness to it! Check out the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada I have struggled with fertility issues and …