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June 2013


The bathroom BEFORE…

Renos are about to be completed on our basement bathroom. We are saying goodbye to the mismatching toilet and sink and hello to a new clean look! Before: (and by before I mean this is what it looked like 6 years ago when someone else lived here. I can’t find …


Kura Bed makeover

We decided to buy “big boy bed” for the brown room- as it eventually will be for our Big Boy. I fell in love with the IKEA Kura bed. It is a reversible but low to the ground loft bed. A lot of people have turned it into a bunk …


Once upon a child review

I have recently been selling the things that we really do not need in my attempts to not be a hoarder! After a few months of selling things in a MOM2MOM group and on kijiji… I have kind of had enough of dealing with people. The no shows, the late …


Happy Fathers Day!

I really wanted to make something special for my husband for his first fathers day. After searching Pinterest I found the perfect idea but had no idea how to make it. I searched the web and came across a local woman who said she would give it a try! Molding …


Birthday Gift For Dad

This year we are on a tight budget when it comes to money as I am on Mat leave and a baby is an expensive family member! So we are opting for creative, handmade and low priced gifts. For my Dads birthday I decided to get him candy. (he raids …


Valentines 2013

Another one of our past creations that we used to send to our family and friends for Valentines Day! It was simple with just his foot prints and the simple poem- we copied it and e-mail it to our family and friends.