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May 2013


Steal of a Deal!

My Steal of the deals for the day: 2 boxes of Huggies 192 pack diapers regular 32.98- on for half price! AND they had 2$ off coupons on them! 28.98$ for 384 Diapers! Which works out to be…7.5 Cents! Oh how I love those little pink stickers! (all before taxes)


Where is my automobile?

Howard: Dong. Where is my automobile? Long Duk Dong: Oto-mo-biiile?   Okay… So today was horrible. I had no car. Well I have a car I just can’t get it. It’s in the garage- locked in the garage. Now… where are the keys? I think they are in the car …


Baby Bump and Toddler Expo London

So I thought I would share my review from the recent Baby Bump and Toddler Expo in London Ontario this past weekend (May 25 & 26th)   Cost- 7$ (yikes!) it seems a little bit steep to me but there were 2$ off coupons floating around. (I won free tickets! …


Mothers Day 2013

I wanted to make a mothers day gift with Presleigh for all of the moms in his life (myself included) and all of the Grandmas and Great Grandmas! I found an idea making a foot butterfly on pinterest and decided to run with it! With the help of Chubbs we …


Canvas prints

So I saw some awesome canvas prints on pinterest and assumed `hey… I can do that`WRONG! they did not turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest! but I tried. and for 1.30$ I`d say not perfect… but not too bad! View the tutorial here: Tips for you: …