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August 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby: I hope you learn to: have more joys then sorrows I hope you aren’t afraid of: speaking up for what you believe in I hope you love: life and enjoy the small things I hope you get: my witty sense of humour I hope you laugh: at your …

Pimping the car seat

Pimping out the car seat!

Thanks to my love of Pinterest I have found many ways of making things more… me! I decided to pimp out our car seat to make it something beautiful and functional and not just like everyone elses. I decided to start with the car seat canopy and found this very …


Nursery Renovations

So being my true crazy self… Last weekend I put together our babies nursery and had everything all set up.. I sat in my rocking chair and took it all in… and sure enough I came up with something else that needed to be done… Something we should have done …