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Here I Grow Again!

I’ve been slacking in blog posts since I have started working again and I just finally got caught up in some photo editing! Here is our Big guy who turned one in September as he grew weekly!  

christmas 2013small

Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went and it was a completely different experience this year with our little guy. He loved the lights, the decorations, and the presents! I decided this year to do Christmas on a very strict budget! I want him to get gifts but I refuse to pay large …


Here I grow again! Weeks 1-26

I finally got around to putting together Presleigh’s weekly photos. I decided to stop at half a year so that they would print big enough to be seen nice and clear. I created the Jpeg in photoshop and printed it at staples when they were on sale in a 24×36 …


Canvas prints

So I saw some awesome canvas prints on pinterest and assumed `hey… I can do that`WRONG! they did not turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest! but I tried. and for 1.30$ I`d say not perfect… but not too bad! View the tutorial here: Tips for you: …


Shadow boxes

My recent crafting: I took all of the mementos from my pregnancy and from the day my little guy was born and put them into a shadowbox from Micheals. From the day he was born: His hospital hat, his and my hospital bracelets, the certificate on his hospital bassinet, pictures …


Let the creating begin..

My most recent projects have been inspired by re-purposing old clothes. Now mind you I think one of my biggest faults as a sewer is that I don’t use patterns or measure very often. So some of my items don’t come out perfect but they totally come out me! I …