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Fall Busy Bag Exchange 2014

Fall… beautifully coloured leaves, cool air, bright warm sunshine….muddy grass, cold days, rain… or snow… I love fall but needed to stock up on some activities to get me through the wet indoor days of torture… We ran another busy bag swap among some local home childcare providers and these …


Where is my automobile?

Howard: Dong. Where is my automobile? Long Duk Dong: Oto-mo-biiile?   Okay… So today was horrible. I had no car. Well I have a car I just can’t get it. It’s in the garage- locked in the garage. Now… where are the keys? I think they are in the car …


Mothers Day 2013

I wanted to make a mothers day gift with Presleigh for all of the moms in his life (myself included) and all of the Grandmas and Great Grandmas! I found an idea making a foot butterfly on pinterest and decided to run with it! With the help of Chubbs we …


Canvas prints

So I saw some awesome canvas prints on pinterest and assumed `hey… I can do that`WRONG! they did not turn out as pretty as the ones on pinterest! but I tried. and for 1.30$ I`d say not perfect… but not too bad! View the tutorial here: Tips for you: …