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Shadow boxes

My recent crafting: I took all of the mementos from my pregnancy and from the day my little guy was born and put them into a shadowbox from Micheals. From the day he was born: His hospital hat, his and my hospital bracelets, the certificate on his hospital bassinet, pictures …

The day of all days!

Mark today in your calendars… It shall go down in history. Possibly the last of it’s kind. What you ask? Today every single dish in our house was clean all at once. The dishwasher and sink must have been lonely and the cabinets were full! I wish others were here …

Hand under his chin with his head resting on the placenta

Our creepy 3D Baby

So even though I am super cheep we decided to splurge and get a 3D ultrasound from 3D Baby.  150$ later we were able to see our pudgy cheeked little boy with his hands covering his face as well as some very moody looks as the tech tried to get …


It’s a…..

On April 14th we went for our 20 week ultrasound to find out if all was okay and to find out what our Little Bean would be… After over 45 minutes of lying (with a slightly slow ultrasound tech that I could barely understand) and watching a black screen with …


Flash Code

Laura forgot to post how I announced our Little Bean to my Facebook world: As an avid web programmer, i though it would be cool to announce our baby with this method. Chubbs


Announcing our Little Bean

So as a big fan of pinterest I have been searching ways to announce our little bean to others. After some thinking and photoshop we announced to our parents and brothers and sisters using this darling photo. (which was later posted on facebook for all to see) We announced to …

My First Post

After some thought I realized that a blog may be the best way to have everyone get a peek into our lives without have to keep the house clean for constant arriving guests! So Here goes… My first post! Let me catch you up on the past few years or …