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Happy Valentine’s Day!

My 2.5 year old started to learn and understand the idea behind Valentine’s Day this year so we spent some time making valentines for people we love. It started with just his aunts and uncles and led into his cousins, and all of the puppies in our family (he loves …


Happy Birthday Gift!

Yet another gift we had to come up with in June! GAH! This idea was easy and I think looks great. My dad has been trying to force his love of Trucks and dodge vehicles on my son since birth. We found him a hotwheels Dodge truck and my little …


Birthday Gift For Dad

This year we are on a tight budget when it comes to money as I am on Mat leave and a baby is an expensive family member! So we are opting for creative, handmade and low priced gifts. For my Dads birthday I decided to get him candy. (he raids …


Valentines 2013

Another one of our past creations that we used to send to our family and friends for Valentines Day! It was simple with just his foot prints and the simple poem- we copied it and e-mail it to our family and friends.


Mothers Day 2013

I wanted to make a mothers day gift with Presleigh for all of the moms in his life (myself included) and all of the Grandmas and Great Grandmas! I found an idea making a foot butterfly on pinterest and decided to run with it! With the help of Chubbs we …

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Homemade Christmas

Homemade gifts Every year for Christmas for the past few years I get to stretch my crafty side and participate in homemade Christmas. Generally I make a gift from Brendon too… Some of them have been slight DIY flops and could benefit from some tweaking. Christmas 2011- Cleminshaw Family Guess …