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How I clothe my child for cheap!

My kid is always well dressed but I never spend much on his outfits. (The most I have ever spent was 25$ on a winter coat set… it was regular 99.00- So I figured I would splurge!) Ways to save money on clothes: 1. Hand me downs! (Generally free) 2. …


Happy Birthday Gift!

Yet another gift we had to come up with in June! GAH! This idea was easy and I think looks great. My dad has been trying to force his love of Trucks and dodge vehicles on my son since birth. We found him a hotwheels Dodge truck and my little …

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Infertility Week: One of those girls….

Why do I keep experiencing miscarriage and loss? Why do I experience infertility? Maybe I’m one of THOSE girls. Maybe I’m a hardcore smoker, maybe a bit of a drinker, maybe I dazzle in drugs, maybe I fail to keep a healthy diet, maybe I eat junk and grease and …


Infertility Week

It’s Canadian Infertility Awareness Week. I’m sad to say there is no special holiday, fancy cake or fireworks for those of us who know it first hand, but I’d like to bring awareness to it! Check out the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada I have struggled with fertility issues and …


Here I Grow Again!

I’ve been slacking in blog posts since I have started working again and I just finally got caught up in some photo editing! Here is our Big guy who turned one in September as he grew weekly!  

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Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went and it was a completely different experience this year with our little guy. He loved the lights, the decorations, and the presents! I decided this year to do Christmas on a very strict budget! I want him to get gifts but I refuse to pay large …

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“Hand” made Christmas art!

This year I decided to make a gift for myself with my son. I had a feeling the “gifts” he offers me lately were not Christmas worthy A “hand” made gift to treasure! Tips: -add a bit of dish soap to your paint to make clean up easy -get your …


Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day! aka Happy Thanksgiving! A year ago I made our little guy a turkey shirt for his first Thanksgiving. I used scraps of earth tone fabrics, a plain t shirt, some double sided interfacing, some fabric paint, scissors, and an iron. (Look how small he was!) This year …