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Presleigh Val

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My 2.5 year old started to learn and understand the idea behind Valentine’s Day this year so we spent some time making valentines for people we love. It started with just his aunts and uncles and led into his cousins, and all of the puppies in our family (he loves …


Busy Bag #8

We decided to run another fall busy bag exchange and it was a great success! This was my awesome activity. Working on numbers, matching/sorting and colours. I got the fall themed shapes from Micheals. They are advertised as “vase fillers” They are a bit small so I would not recommend …


Busy Bag #6- Pom Poms

I recently joined a busy bag exchange with some home daycare providers. It inspired me to go nuts and make a bunch for my little guys! Here is Bag # 6 PomPoms Needed: Pompoms of different colours and sizes Print outs: HERE (NOTE: PomPoms are very small and can be …