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An intro to my cloth diaper exploration

In my true cheapness I bought most of my Huggies and Pampers for very cheap using coupons and waiting for super awesome sales… In general, my rule was to not spend more than 10 cents a diaper. I accomplished buying enough diapers for baby number one and then realized there …


Nursery Renovations

So being my true crazy self… Last weekend I put together our babies nursery and had everything all set up.. I sat in my rocking chair and took it all in… and sure enough I came up with something else that needed to be done… Something we should have done …

Crazy Coupon Lady

Yup.. that’s right. you heard me! I am becoming the crazy coupon lady. The one in cash ahead of you that you give mean looks to and end up leaving the line because of…. That’s ME! I have been commonly referred to as cheap, but I like to think of …