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How I clothe my child for cheap!

My kid is always well dressed but I never spend much on his outfits. (The most I have ever spent was 25$ on a winter coat set… it was regular 99.00- So I figured I would splurge!) Ways to save money on clothes: 1. Hand me downs! (Generally free) 2. …

Shopping with a Baby!

I thought I’d explore one of my favourite things to do… SHOPPING! but now… add the baby… and it is not as easy as it once was.   I got a bit stir crazy staying at home and so I tried to get out- but in the middle of winter there …


Birthday Gift For Dad

This year we are on a tight budget when it comes to money as I am on Mat leave and a baby is an expensive family member! So we are opting for creative, handmade and low priced gifts. For my Dads birthday I decided to get him candy. (he raids …


Steal of a Deal!

My Steal of the deals for the day: 2 boxes of Huggies 192 pack diapers regular 32.98- on for half price! AND they had 2$ off coupons on them! 28.98$ for 384 Diapers! Which works out to be…7.5 Cents! Oh how I love those little pink stickers! (all before taxes)


Baby Bump and Toddler Expo London

So I thought I would share my review from the recent Baby Bump and Toddler Expo in London Ontario this past weekend (May 25 & 26th)   Cost- 7$ (yikes!) it seems a little bit steep to me but there were 2$ off coupons floating around. (I won free tickets! …